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Reliable and Powerful Servers

With 99.9% uptime record for years

Business Hosting SA

Account Suspended


Either the allocated package bandwidth or disk space was exceeded, an invoice was not paid or a new account was for security reasons suspended or until payment was received.

Please contact us as soon as possible to make arrangements for payment or upgrade to a more suitable hosting package.

Owning a large number of websites ourselves you can bet that we keep our servers in top condition.

Personal Hosting Packages Business Hosting Packages Professional Hosting Packages
From our Client Area we offer several different services so why use several different companies?

Web Hosting
Web hosting on reliable and powerful servers is the core service that our whole business and many websites rely on so obviously we will always go to great lenght to ensure the best performance possible.

Website Development
To host a website you need a website but website development is far too expensive so we offer a few different services to help you to get a good website at either for free or at a very low cost.

Internet Advertising
It don't help much if you have a website but don't receive any visitors and as internet marketing group our aim is to help you at as low cost as possible (even for free too) to promote your website.